Visitor Profile

We’ve gathered together all the information we collect from our attendees to create a visitor profile:

We have all the key figures and useful information to help you decide to exhibit or attend. Every attendees that books a ticket via any of our event websites or via the Eventbrite website is asked to complete a simple visitor profile about themselves. You can see the questions asked and the options for answers shown below. As well as asking how people find out about us we ask how far our delegates travel, what role they hold in the company where they work and what industry they are part of. We hope you’ll find this information useful and informative. If you have any other questions please drop us a line.

Attendee Business Size Attendee Profiles Distance Travelled Sectors Represented Visitor Source


If you’re considering sponsoring one of our events then we have additional demographic data available and we can offer additional opportunities to capture specific data just for you on every ticket booked. This can include specific questions about buying cycles for products, it may be an opt in to a specific resource you have to offer or it may simply be an additional question you’d find useful. Just ask us for details.